Posted on August 19th, 2013

If you are looking for a little variety for your event in Austin, you should consider mini doughnuts. Not only are these round pieces of dough delicious and a local fan favorite, but they will also be very unique to your event!

The Chocolate Cup offers these delectable treats hot, fresh, and made-to-order for all kinds of events. They are perfect for weddings, outdoor events, and corporate parties just to name a few. Catered mini doughnuts are becoming more and more popular these days for events, so don’t miss out and book yours today!
And don’t forget to request your favorite toppings! The Chocolate Cup offers powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar, chocolate syrup, and fruit based syrups. If you’re feeling creative, talk to us about your ideas and we can customized your topping list.

Posted on August 13th, 2013

The Chocolate Cup offers chocolate fountain rentals and service to the greater Austin area. We love doing chocolate fountains because we feel they are so visually appealing and a true eye catching center piece to any event. In our work, when a client wants to have a chocolate fountain at their event, they commonly have a hard time deciding on the right kinds of food dippers, especially when they have so many other decisions to make for their party!

Here at The Chocolate Cup, we make the decision easy by offering some of the most common dippers for chocolate fountains, which include fresh or dried fruit, cake pieces, pretzel rods, biscotti, cookies, or marshmallows. But if you let your imagination soar, there are plenty of other great dipping foods that you could try that would really delight and excite your guests! Here are some unique dipping foods that you could try for your own event:

1.       Graham Crackers
2.       Brownie Pieces
3.       Potato Chips
4.       Nuts
5.       Peanut Brittle

Having a chocolate fountain at your event is a great way to stand out and make an impression with your guests. Spice it up even more by experimenting with some distintive dipping items!

Book your fountain today at!

Posted on August 8th, 2013

Do you know how to make the perfect Cappuccino? What does Macchiato stand for? These are some common questions for the novice espresso connoisseur. Check out some of the most common espresso menu items below! You may learn a thing or two about your favorite coffee drink!

Design courtesy of Anny,
The Chocolate Cup caters all of these drinks and many more, including several flavor variations! Our catered espresso bar menu offers great tastes like a white chocolate café’ mocha,  caramel latte, or mocha cappuccino. Our seasonal drinks are also a favorite for our clients with flavorings like pumpkin spice, toffee, and peppermint. Fall is soon upon us! Which is most popular time to start scheduling 

by Lauren on July 31st, 2013

Why is espresso catering so popular lately? Espresso is a wonderful drink, full of body and life, and is fresh and delicious to all who partake in it. But, it didn't always use to be so accessible to those who enjoy it, and it was viewed as a rare treat for people hundreds of years ago.

Where did Term Espresso Come From?

 The term espresso simply stands for “coffee made to order” which was coined back before espresso machines were even invented.  What makes espresso so unique is that it comes from the freshest coffee beans and is ground just before brewing. That’s why espresso drinks are typically more potent with coffee flavor than let’s say, a store bought coffee mix.

How Did Espresso Become So Popular?

Back in the day, all coffee brewed through the use of traditional coffee pots. The problem was people did not want to wait 30 minutes for a cup of coffee to be brewed before they headed out to work. Therefore, espresso machines were created. These machines allow the coffee to be ground and prepared within seconds. This creates a quick and even more delicious coffee drink than regular brew. This wonderful convenience then created a huge influx of coffee houses and espresso bars around the world.

Making Espresso Mobile

Many people think that their local coffee house is the only way to get a fresh espresso drink, made to order. But they’re in luck! The inventiveness of espresso machines these days with their automation, portability, and efficiency allow espresso to be offered on more of a mobile basis. Many businesses are now treating their employees with fresh made espresso right at their work place. Brides are having an espresso station set up at their reception. Birthday parties are now booking for espresso bars to provide fresh brewed coffee for their guests.  It’s  become a novelty to have expert baristas come and provide the freshest coffee for people’s events. Make your event stand out by having your very own espresso station provided by The Chocolate Cup!

Posted on July 29th, 2013

Greetings Austin! We are so happy start blogging for The Chocolate Cup! We feel it is so important to connect with our customers and keep you informed with new exciting things with the company, provide you with innovative recipes, and updates in the industry!

Since the opening of the business back in 2004, several new and exciting things have taken place. Over the last 3 years, The Chocolate Cup has evolved into more than just an espresso bar for events. Our product service offerings have evolved to include some of the most unique novelty desserts in Austin. These newer services include specialty mini donuts, milkshakes, Hawaiian shaved ice, and more. We are so excited about these new services, and pride ourselves in our unique and premium product offerings for our guests’ events in Austin and surrounding areas.

The biggest and craziest change to The Chocolate Cup this year was the transfer of company ownership!  In July of 2013, the Chocolate Cup changed hands. The previous owner did wonderful things with the company and thought it was a perfect fit for us. We look forward to improving the company even more, and strive to be the best espresso and dessert caterer in Austin! With over 12 years of combined restaurant and catering service, we will make sure that your event, big or small, is provided with an experience your guests will rave about.

Exciting things are happening here at The Chocolate Cup. Stay tuned for more!

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